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Greetings! Here's the place to let us know about product ideas for SSRN. All the ideas submitted are visible on the left-hand navigation, please feel free to browse them, to vote for them, and to comment on them as thatĀ helps us know which ones people think are most valuable.


Add a "Suspend" Option to the subscription service.

If we cancel an organization or an individual, all the eJournals they subscribe to are wiped currently (as I understand). It would be ideal to have a "Suspend" option for both Organizations and Individuals that would maintain their journal selections, but pause the service itself. This way, if a customer decided not to cancel, or were able to pay for an overdue subscription, we could simply unsuspend the account and all users would not need to resubscribe to their Journals.

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  • Feb 2 2018
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