SSRN Team Product Ideas

Greetings! Here's the place to let us know about product ideas for SSRN. All the ideas submitted are visible on the left-hand navigation, please feel free to browse them, to vote for them, and to comment on them as thatĀ helps us know which ones people think are most valuable.


Add a few very simple emoticons at the bottom of key areas of the website to gauge customer satisfaction in a fun way

Have 5 Emotion faces that will represent the feelings of the end users and in a quick click we can get real-time feedback without pushing out a survey. This will capture users attention if it's made fun and simple and QUICK! Also we can prompt more feedback on certain selections for more qualitative feedback. If we have these selections on multiple touchpoints within the user experience, we could gain some valuable insights on what we can modify to make it better!!

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  • Feb 7 2018
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