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Greetings! Here's the place to let us know about product ideas for SSRN. All the ideas submitted are visible on the left-hand navigation, please feel free to browse them, to vote for them, and to comment on them as thatĀ helps us know which ones people think are most valuable.


Optional Default Sorts for RPS Jeljour Pages

jeljour pages have always been up until mid year 2017 defaulted to sort by date posted to SSRN. They were changed to default by download totals. This may be good for subject matter ejournal pages, but many of our RPS prefer sort to be defaulted to date posted to SSRN so their most recent research is at the top of their page. I would like to propose that we change all RPS jeljour pages back to sort by date posted with the option to default the sort otherwise if specifically requested by a RPS customer. Thanks!

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  • Feb 20 2018
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