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Remove or Fix the Cite Reader

I have two people in the last week alone bring up this feature and that it is out of integrity. However, Tara and CS can confirm this has been a long time complaint with our user. 1) They don't like that our cite reader only pulls from cites within SSRN, and 2) its so far behind, it's embarrassing (10's of thousands of papers and citations).

Here's a comment from a professor at U of Michigan: SSRN's marker of "citations" next to articles. I suggest either revamping or deleting this standard marker, as it seems only to include citations in other SSRN papers. It excludes citations in law reviews, books, and in chapters of edited books. Given that especially the latter two seem difficult to get, the citations count is currently misleading. Best, of course, if you could do an effective search for citations in those other publication venues.

  • Gail Chianese
  • Mar 13 2018
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  • Guest commented
    13 Mar 13:31

    We have also had feedback from a professor at U of Oslo: "It is a bit frustrating to only have four citations registered, though. I know that there are more papers on SSRN that cite me. I think the explanation I got years ago when I asked about this was that SSRN only picked up references from bibliographies and not from footnotes. Is that still the case? It would be great if that could be improved soon"